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Updated Version Control Plugin, Plastic broke since


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Hi, I'm tired to the point I have to write here. Can't figure this out despite a few days of work down the drain because Unity decided it's time to break on me. 

After updating the Version Control plugin in my package manager, its name changed to "Collaborate". All would be fine, but ever since Plastic's integration into the engine completely broke. Files don't appear as modified, version control windows can't be accessed etc. 

After fiddling with it, I can get it to either one of two possible outcomes:

1. The console gets spammed with red errors related to the UI as soon as I open the project settings > version control tab. It doesn't render the content and console explodes.
2. Plastic SCM shows up under version control in Project Settings, but doesn't actually work. Opening Plastic SCM via Window menu throws an input string error I've never seen anywhere else before, google also doesn't yield any results. "Input string was not in a correct format."

Check attachments for what the errors look like.


What I did so far:

- Reinstalled every possible version of Version Control/Plastic from the package manager that was available;
- Unity reinstalls;
- Hub reinstalls;
- Plastic SCM reinstalls;
- Library wiped;
- Deleted plastic4 app-data folder;
- Wiped out my project and organization, made a new one and linked all that from scratch;

Nothing helped so far.

Before, I had PlasticSCM available to be selected in the project settings > version control drop-down and it worked just fine. Now, the drop-down only lists those 3 entries: AVSyvB2.png

All I'd like is to get back to the state where it showed Plastic in the dropdown and showed all files with the icons (eg. modified, added etc.)
If you have any advice on how to proceed with this, please help me out.

Also, Version Control keeps showing up as "Collaborate" in the package manager and that's the last word I'd ever like to see related anywhere near my projects after fighting with it for 2+ years. Gives me shivers.




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