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  1. Thank you for reporting this issue to us. Can you please let us know if there is any correlation between the files affected and whether you are only seeing this issue on one project or many?
  2. Thanks for getting back to me. After taking a closer look at your screenshot, I can see that the script and meta files are both checked out (orange symbol). They appear in the pending changes list, even if they are not modified, because you have "Show Checkouts" checked. The only way I could produce this behaviour was by checking out a script file using the legacy Plastic SCM Unity Plugin (Project Settings > Editor > Version Control > Plastic SCM), this checked out the meta file along with the script file. If you are interested in an Editor integrated solution, please take a look at the new plugin available on the Asset Store. Hope this helps!
  3. Hey Anton, I have been unable to reproduce (using Unity 2019.4.10f1 and Plastic Cloud Client Please can you let me know more details about your environment particularly... Unity version Plastic client version Script editor Any other steps or information I may be missing
  4. Thank you for reporting this. I've attempted to reproduce this behaviour to no avail. I did notice that the time for the Editor to load was slightly longer if I had the Plastic SCM plugin window open. Can you confirm if closing the window reduces the occurrences of this? Please can you also send us the below log files, which can be found on Windows here: %localappdata%/plastic4/logs/, and on Mac here: $home/.plastic4/logs/ unityplastic.debug.log.txt unityplastic.relevant.log.txt
  5. Hi, As your raw or unfinished asset files are not required by the Unity Project you can store them wherever suits your workflow, but it would be best to keep them outside of your `Assets` folder. I think your suggestion of having a separate folder at the root of the project is a great idea! Hope that helps.
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