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  1. Hi, Thank you for reporting this. This is currently the intended behaviour of the plugin and in some (if not most) workflows it is desirable. I do understand that this is not always the case. There is not currently a way to remove this behaviour from the plugin, but we are currently reviewing this workflow to make it as simple as possible for ALL workflows. Hope this information helps and please watch this space!
  2. Hi Aaron, Sorry to hear of your frustrating experience. When you click on the Unity ID authentication button, your default browser should have opened. If you are logged into a Unity ID account within that browser session, you will not be asked to enter any credentials and you will be automatically logged into that account. To make sure it uses the correct Unity ID account, please navigate to id.unity.com in your default browser and sign into your correct account. Once done, you can run plastic --configure from a terminal window and you can reauthenticate your Plastic SCM client. Hope that helps!
  3. To close the loop on this thread, Jason and I met and we found that Microsoft Teams was not accepting the payload graciously and causing all triggers to fail. Once we removed the offending trigger we were able to get others to execute properly. Thanks for your time troubleshooting Jason and good luck with the future!
  4. Hi @Jason Wen, I have just tested an after checkin trigger for Slack, Discord and Webhooks (using https://webhook.site/) created via the Plastic SCM Cloud Dashboard and they all worked seamlessly for me. For your Slack trigger, can you confirm that you have created a Slackbot with the correct permissions as mentioned in this post and that your Slackbot has been added to the channel where it is going to post? For your Webhook, can you please create a test trigger via the Cloud Dashboard using a webhook URK from https://webhook.site/ and let me know if you receive the payload?
  5. Hi @Khaled, Unfortunately, I don't think you can add two statuses to the Enable plastic branch filtering field, but you can use a cm find branch query as a filter. For example you enter the below into the field... where attribute='status' and attrvalue='resolved' and attribute='platform' and attrvalue='ios' Alternatively, if you have a naming convention on your branches you could do something like this... where attribute='stage' and attrvalue='done' and name like 'ios-%' For more information on the cm find query, please see here. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi @dharillo, I assume that you are using an on-premise server. Please let me know if my assumption is incorrect. The workflow you describe sounds like a perfectly valid one. I suspect that there is a very specific scenario which causes the Code Review to behave in this way. Is this fairly easily reproducible? If you update your server to the latest version does the issue persist?
  7. Hi @woondal, We added a fix for this issue back in But it seems that this behaviour you report with applied shelves was not addressed. I have reproduced this behaviour in our labs and will investigate further. Thank you for reporting it!
  8. Hi Jukkae, Thanks for reaching out. I hope you have a steady power source for that flux capacitor! We have recently discovered an issue with Jira integrations with Plastic Cloud (when using "linked to Changesets" mode), but it is not the same behaviour that you describe here. So that I can reproduce and debug the issue you are seeing, please can you let me know the version of Plastic SCM that you are using?
  9. Hi Mike, From the looks of the error message you have enabled encryption for your Cloud Organization and are trying to download the data without a valid encryption key present. I suspect your colleague either hasn't entered the encryption key yet or has entered it incorrectly. The easiest way to solve this would be to send your colleague the cryptedservers.conf and corresponding .key file from... C:\Users\ollie\AppData\Local\plastic4\ on Windows ~/.plastic/ on Mac ...and paste them into your colleague's corresponding folder. I hope that proves helpful. Please let me know how you get on and whether you have any further problems.
  10. Hey Anton, Thank you for sharing your experience with Plastic SCM. We are very grateful for all feedback as it helps us to identify things that we can improve. This would only be the case if you have enabled the legacy Plastic SCM integration. If this behaviour is not desired, you should disable the legacy integration by changing the mode back to its default value "Visible Meta Files". This integration has now been superseded by the new plugin. I urge you to give it a try as it has all the same features as the legacy integration and more! We are always on the lookout for ways to improve the Branch Explorer. If you have any specific ideas about how this could be improved they would be very welcome. If you need to see all comments at a glance (rather than clicking on each Changeset and viewing the properties for it), then the "Changesets" view may be a more suitable view for this use case... Regarding the branch names when zooming out, I see exactly what you mean with this feedback. I will discuss this further with the development team and suggest that a minimum size is implemented for the branch names. This is excellent feedback. It is the Plastic philosophy that history should not be deleted or changed, but we understand there are circumstances where it may be desired or beneficial. We are currently looking into options for allowing the trimming of old branches and content. I will be sure to bring up the points you have raised here as they are very valid points. I may be misunderstanding your request here, but I believe this can be done. If you want to check in only the content in one file, then you can select only that one file in the Pending Changes view and check it in. Another alternative would be to create a Gluon workspace for this repo, configure this repo to only download the content you need, make the two lines change and check it in. Please do let me know if these solutions do not meet this requirement and why, because I would really like to understand what we could do to improve in this area. A merge operation is an atomic transaction at the Changeset level (meaning it is "all or nothing" operation) for traceability and performance reasons. As far as I am aware Git handles merging in the same way. If this is not the case, please can you let me know how it can be done with Git? Plastic has support for Visual Studio and Rider. The Rider plugin causing slow down is a known issue we are currently investigating. Sorry to hear that you were experiencing this behaviour. Can I ask the reason for using fast-export rather than GitSync? As far as I am aware, the issues you report are not present there and it may have been a more suitable alternative for your use case.
  11. Hi matqin, Plastic SCM Cloud is a "pay for what you use" service and does not have a storage limit. The error message suggests that you are running out of space on your local machine. Can you please confirm that the hard drive where you are storing your workspaces/local repositories is not running out of space? Additionally, the 25GB for Cloud Storage you have purchased was for Unity Collaborate, and not for Plastic SCM Cloud storage. If this storage is surplus to your requirement, please reach out to collabsupport@unity3d.com and they should be able to refund this for you. Hope this helps!
  12. Hi David, You can return a guid of a changeset by setting it as an output option. E.g. cm find changeset --format="{guid}", but unfortunately the same cannot be done for branches. Hope that helps!
  13. Hi @iggy, GitSync can now be done in the Mac GUI by doing the following. Navigate to the Branch Explorer Right click on a branch and select Push/Pull > Sync with Git... Additional note: If you are using 2-factor authentication with GitHub, you will have to generate a personal access token and use that instead of your usual password. Hope this helps!
  14. Hi Gabzzel, Thanks for reaching out. The Repo URL field should be in the format "CloudOrgName@cloud". Once you get past this step and you set up Build Targets in Cloud Build you will select which repository and branch that you will build from. The Username field should be the email address associated with your Plastic SCM account. The Password field should be your password associated with your Plastic SCM account. The Authentication Type should be set to LDAP. The Encryption Method should be set to AES128. I hope this helps!
  15. Hey @JRC Thanks for reporting this. In order for us to best assist you, please can you log a support ticket sharing your Editor log?
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