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  1. Hi St├ęphane, Thanks for reaching out. I suspect that you are using TeamCity version 202.1 or newer and you are experiencing an issue that has been recently reported. The fix for this is due to be released very soon. Please bear with us and I will update you here once the release has been published.
  2. Hey @Luke Hedditch, Thanks for reaching out to us. This is unfortunately a known issue that we are currently investigating as a high priority. There isn't a currently known workaround at this time, but the plugin can be disabled in Rider by doing the following: Navigate to File > Settings > Plugins in Rider. Find the Plastic SCM Integration plugin within the list of plugins and uncheck the checkbox. Click Save to save changes, a restart of Rider will be required. I will make sure to keep you updated of progress of a fix.
  3. Hi @TexasHawk, Unfortunately, there is no progress indicator for Collaborate migrations. Please let me know if you are still unable to see your migrated repository and I will be happy to investigate on our backend whether the migration has stalled or failed.
  4. Hey Scott, Regarding the EULA, I can assure you that Codice or Unity would never use anything for publicity purposes without given consent. I understand this is nice to know but does not directly address your legality concerns. Please refer to my colleague Francisco's comment above regarding this matter. Regarding your other queries. Please see direct responses to your questions below... Yes, you can create another Plastic SCM account with another email address without linking it to a Unity ID. The Plastic SCM client does remember your credentials, but multiple connection profiles can be set up for different Cloud Organizations/Projects. Additionally, the client can be completely reconfigured to use another set of credentials at any time by running plastic --configure command from command line. This is what I do with my work and personal accounts! Whether or not you link your Plastic SCM and Unity accounts is completely up to you. There are no real advantages or disadvantages either way. As time goes on there is likely to be further Unity ID integration efforts made, but we would never leave our non-Unity users out in the cold! Hope that helps.
  5. Hi @Double Hit Games, Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. What has happened is we manually migrated your Collaborate repositories because they had failed (I replied to your original post). Please can you reach out to us via support@codicesoftware.com so we can discuss options for fixing this.
  6. Hi @Double Hit Games, Thanks for reaching out! Our Dev Ops team were able to identify that these two migrations failed and have now done them manually for you. Please check again and let me know if you are still having issues.
  7. Hi Scott, Thanks for your detailed questions. I hope I can do it justice with a detailed response! RE: Accounts and setting up... From the sounds of it, keeping the account you have already set up as your myself@personal account would be most efficient. This way you can keep it separate from your work account. I would suggest setting up another Plastic SCM account with your accounting@company, this way you could set up a Cloud Organization for your company and this account can be responsible for handling the billing and adding/removing other accounts. As long as this account never actively uses a Plastic client, you will never be billed for it. For more information on our pricing, please see here. If you do the above you would then have the following: yourself@personal account that is linked to your personal@cloud organization accounting@company account that is linked to a newly created company@cloud organization (which you could configure to use encryption) You would then be able to add artist@company, designer@company and yourself@company accounts to the company@cloud organization. RE: Unity ID account email change... Unfortunately, changing email address associated with your Unity ID currently stops any Plastic SCM linked account from authenticating in the Plastic client and website. This is an issue we are currently investigating. If you contact our support team, we can manually make this change for you. RE: Plastic SCM EULA... As you quite rightly stated, Codice was acquired by Unity very recently. Please see here the current EULA for Plastic SCM and let me know if there is anything that concerns you. Hope that helps!
  8. @sacb0y, I have not been able to reproduce the errors you are receiving with the DoozyUI plugin (Tested with version 3.1.3 of DoozyUI plugin and Version 1.2 of Plastic SCM plugin). I suspect that the error is unrelated to the Plastic SCM plugin and you may get better support from the developer of the asset.
  9. Hi, Thanks for reporting this issue to us. Problem: Error message "Multiple precompiled assemblies..." Workaround: This error message is complaining about duplicate assemblies within the solution. Deleting one of the DLLs should be enough to workaround this. In my test... Plastic SCM Plugin (Version 1.2) had Assembly version of Antlr3.Runtime.dll Bolt Plugin (Version 1.4.13) had Assembly version of Antlr3.Runtime.dll. After removing the older DLL both plugins continued to work as expected. Solution: We are currently working on moving the Plastic SCM plugin to be its very own self contained package managed in the Package Manager, which should alleviate incompatibility errors such as this. Hope this information proves helpful!
  10. Thank you for reporting this issue to us. Can you please let us know if there is any correlation between the files affected and whether you are only seeing this issue on one project or many?
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. After taking a closer look at your screenshot, I can see that the script and meta files are both checked out (orange symbol). They appear in the pending changes list, even if they are not modified, because you have "Show Checkouts" checked. The only way I could produce this behaviour was by checking out a script file using the legacy Plastic SCM Unity Plugin (Project Settings > Editor > Version Control > Plastic SCM), this checked out the meta file along with the script file. If you are interested in an Editor integrated solution, please take a look at the new plugin available on the Asset Store. Hope this helps!
  12. Hey Anton, I have been unable to reproduce (using Unity 2019.4.10f1 and Plastic Cloud Client Please can you let me know more details about your environment particularly... Unity version Plastic client version Script editor Any other steps or information I may be missing
  13. Thank you for reporting this. I've attempted to reproduce this behaviour to no avail. I did notice that the time for the Editor to load was slightly longer if I had the Plastic SCM plugin window open. Can you confirm if closing the window reduces the occurrences of this? Please can you also send us the below log files, which can be found on Windows here: %localappdata%/plastic4/logs/, and on Mac here: $home/.plastic4/logs/ unityplastic.debug.log.txt unityplastic.relevant.log.txt
  14. Hi, As your raw or unfinished asset files are not required by the Unity Project you can store them wherever suits your workflow, but it would be best to keep them outside of your `Assets` folder. I think your suggestion of having a separate folder at the root of the project is a great idea! Hope that helps.
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