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  1. Hi, If you are using C#, you can use Console.In to access stdin. Or Console.ReadLine() which is just a shortcut for Console.In.ReadLine(). Hope this helps!
  2. Hi Alan, Thanks for raising this feedback. I have already addressed this in this thread, but this term is something that is used for Cloud Edition (where "Organization" makes more sense) and in Enterprise Edition (where "Server" makes more sense). I agree that this could be made a lot more clear for Cloud Edition users and will be sure to pass this along to the Product Management team.
  3. Hi Alan, Apologies for the delay in response on this thread. I am sure that you are not the only user to experience this, so thank you for sharing your account. I have brought up these points to the Product Management team. If you are planning to lose all Collaborate history and just wish to move your project to Plastic as is, you can do the following: Open the project and disable Collaborate via the Services Window Close Unity and make a new Plastic repository and workspace to house your project Do initial set up on your repository (E.g. you may want to use an ignore.conf file that is specific to Unity projects) Copy and paste your project into your new workspace Check in the content and continue working with the new workspace! If you have the Version Control package installed in Unity it is even easier! Open the project and disable Collaborate via the Services Window Open the Plastic SCM window in Unity and click on Create Workspace I hope this helps!
  4. Hi Alan, Firstly, thank you for providing such an in depth account of your experience. We are very grateful for feedback that has the intent of improving our software. As a Unity employee who started using Plastic SCM around 2 years ago, I can relate to a lot of what you have said. Regarding the layout, nomenclature and interface; I can assure you that this is something the team has been working very hard to improve on this year and is something we plan to improve on greatly in the coming months. We are currently working on feature parity between the OS's that we support with an overhaul to the GUI. I will be sure to pass on the feedback you have presented to our Product Management team. Regarding the public documentation and videos and steep learning curve; We have a dedicated team working on updating and improving the public information around Plastic SCM. One notable thing that this team is currently looking into is the onboarding of Unity users and making the migration from Collaborate as seamless as possible. Again, I will extract the feedback and share it with the docs team. P.s. I smiled at your microwave metaphor! Regarding the pricing; We have very recently made a change in this area and you should have been notified by email. Unfortunately, as Plastic SCM is a "pay for what you use" service, I see no easy way around having a payment method available on your account. If you have further ideas around this we would be happy to hear them. I think I have covered all points you have raised. If there is anything I have missed or you want to raise further concerns, please do and I will be happy to process it accordingly.
  5. I'm happy to tell you that a fix has now been deployed. Apologies again for the inconvenience!
  6. Thank you for the report! This appears to be a recent bug, that we are currently investigating. To workaround this: Close the Plastic SCM client Open CMD and type plastic --configure (macplastic --configure for Mac users, gtkplastic --configure for Linux users) Follow the instructions until you are authenticated Close the wizard with the X in the corner Open the Plastic SCM client as normal Apologies for the inconvenience and I hope this helps!
  7. Hi, Thanks for reaching out. The plugin has now been removed from the store and been replaced by the Version Control package, please see here for more details.
  8. Hi @Wolfram, Thanks for raising this topic. I have been unable to reproduce this behaviour please see my test results below... Without custom filetypes.conf - test.lmk was identified as binary - test.lmk was identified as binary With .lmk:txt in filetypes.conf - test.lmk was identified as txt - test.lmk was identified as txt It is concerning that you believe the filetypes.conf file is being ignored. Can you please check whether you have a plastic-global-config repository on your server and whether there is a filetypes.conf file present in it. If this is the case then this is the file that will be used. For more info, please see our Administrators guide. I hope this helps!
  9. Hi @Phasedragon, Thanks for reaching out. Ignoring these files is not a solution, .asset files are important files that you want to be controlled in your repository, otherwise when another developer downloads the project they would not have access to those files. I suspect these files are showing up in your Pending Changes view because they are automatically checked out by the legacy Plastic SCM integration within Unity. This integration has been superseded by the Version Control package and is no longer required. Please can you confirm whether this integration is enabled and disable it to see if this alleviates the issue. To do this... Within the Unity Editor, navigate to Edit > Project Settings > Version Control If the Mode option is set to Plastic SCM change it to its default value Visible Meta Files I hope this helps.
  10. Hi @Nefisto Thanks for reaching out. I think we could class this as a bug, that would be very nice to fix. Next time you are presented with this issue, so that we can investigate further, please can you log a support ticket via support@plasticscm.com and provide us with the .plastic folder within your workspace directory and the output of cm status --all?
  11. @Khaled, Dynamic workspaces with TeamCity is a fantastic idea. As this is still a very young feature, it is not available in the TeamCity integration yet. But I will be sure to raise this with the team. @phvalve, there is already a status column in the Workspace Explorer in the Plastic SCM client that shows whether a file is controlled, ignored, contains changes, etc. The only caveat there is it does not show whether a file is locked by another user. (Only Gluon does this currently) I agree that as this feature progresses showing the "dynamic" status of files to the user. This again is great feedback and I will raise it with the team.
  12. Hi Mikael, Unfortunately this is a limitation of how we are mounting the workspace. Since, you are now able to workaround this by creating the workspace with a network path e.g. \\workspaces\MyWorkspace. Using this method uses the Windows Mount Manager and therefore works seamlessly with software like Total Commander. Hope this helps!
  13. Hi, Thanks for reaching out to us. You have recently logged a support ticket that suggests that you have not been added to the Plastic Cloud organization. At the moment Unity Organizations are separate entities to Plastic Cloud Organizations and I believe that is where the confusion has come from. Please have a member of the Plastic Cloud Organization add your account at https://www.plasticscm.com/dashboard/cloud and then you should be able to access the repositories via the connection link. If you are still having issues, please do respond back via the support ticket you created and I will be happy to assist further.
  14. Hi @Ali, Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree with you that undeleting files within the Plastic SCM client is not as intuitive as it could be. I will make sure to address this feedback with the team. Gluon, our simplified client for artists, actually has a cool feature where you can easily undelete files. To use this, Open the Gluon client Create a new Gluon workspace or switch your workspace to a Gluon workspace by running an update Navigate to the Checkin Changes view and click the Undelete button Select the file(s) you wish to undelete and check in the changes Hope this information is helpful to you and improves your experience next time you need to resurrect files!
  15. Hi, Thank you for reporting this. This is currently the intended behaviour of the plugin and in some (if not most) workflows it is desirable. I do understand that this is not always the case. There is not currently a way to remove this behaviour from the plugin, but we are currently reviewing this workflow to make it as simple as possible for ALL workflows. Hope this information helps and please watch this space!
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