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SCM Unity Plugin messes with indentation width


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Hey Everyone, let's start with some relevant info:

Unity version: 2021.1.1f1

Plastic SCM version:

Now for the issue:

After turning on the Unity plugin functionality in a checkin that only contained the enabling of the plugin, the indentation width of folders in our project view window has increased significantly, to the point where it is obstructing our work:





We've looked for ways to remove the increased indentation width but haven't been able to find any way of doing so, hence this post.

Because of this happening after a commit that only had the change of enabling the unity plugin, we were able to quickly isolate that it was the SCM plugin causing the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi @Koen, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with the indentation in your Project Browser. I'd like to confirm that the Plastic SCM integration is the cause of the issue.

Thank you for providing which Unity and Plastic SCM client versions you're using. Could you also tell me which version of the Version Control package you're using? (You can check in the Package Manager under the Window menu). You should see 1.5.7.

I wasn't able to reproduce the issue on Mac. Could you also tell me the OS of the machine you're seeing this issue on? Does anyone else on your team see this indentation issue on their machines?

I'd also like to mention that Unity 2021.1 is not being actively updated by Unity. It's possible that this could be an issue with the Project Browser that was resolved in a later version. If you're able to, could you check against the latest version of 2021.2 to see if you're still experiencing this bug?

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