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My first impressions of PlasticX


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Hi! Nice work on unifying the UI for all platforms! Here are some initial thoughts, mostly around missing/broken parts that have become crucial to our workflow.

Based on version :

  • In the Branches view, the "Tree view" feature is missing! This is a showstopper for us, since we make heavy use of nested child-branches.
  • After restarting the GUI, the Branches view no longer remembers which (Advanced) filter was last active - we have our own attribute filter that we want to see by default...
  • On a related note, the display of branch@repo@server at the top, next to the workspace selector, does not include the full (hierarchical) branch name (except when hovering). That makes it harder for us to see context at a glance.
  • In Branch Explorer, Options sidebar, Filters & format - the Enable checkbox is missing, so there's no way to see/change which filters are active. (NOTE: we use filters from plastic-global-config repo, so we don't want to delete filters just to temporarily disable them - which, by the way, causes "An unexpected error has occured".)
  • Related to the previous point, it seems our inactive/disabled filters are still active in PlasticX, which makes it show fewer branches (in Branch Explorer) than the classic GUI does.
  • The Navigator / "minimap" option is (so far) missing from Branch Explorer - we find it very valuable for better overview and navigation.
  • In Branch Explorer, the "Display full branch names" option is missing - we use it to display more context (from the branch Comments field) while keeping task names short and task/ticket-based (T123 etc). 
  • In Branch Explorer, merge arrows are missing the excellent context menu of "Go to source/destination". Also, please add a similar context menu on the branch parent/child lines: "Go to base changeset / child branch" - this would be very helpful for navigation in cases where these lines are spanning far across and don't fit on one screen.
  • After restarting the GUI, Branch Explorer starts scrolled towards the leftmost (oldest) changesets shown - it really should default to displaying the latest changesets (or possibly remember what parts were shown last).
  • The Diff editor is missing the options for Tabs width and is defaulting to 4 spaces. This could be in Preferences, preferably as a number input (since the old implementation was restricted to only 4 or 8 spaces).


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