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Help me understand Xlink permissions


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On repo A I created a new feature branch, then added a readonly non-relative Xlink pointing to repo B. I developed some feature on my branch and now I want to merge to main, however I'm getting permission errors which I don't understand:

- Missing permision "mergefrom"
- Missing permission "ci" (checkin)

Currently, I have full permissions for repo A, but only read and view on repo B (because it's owned by a client and I have no control over it).

Why do I need checkin permissions on repo B to be allowed to merge and checkin on repo A if I already have read permission for repo B? It seems like the checkin permission would control checkins to the repo the permission is set on, but apparently Xlink permission propagate when used in another repo.

How can my client and I fix this setup? They want to prevent me from modifying repo B directly, but allow me to use it as a readonly Xlink in my own repos.

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Turns out: I accidentally created the Xlink as writable. Even though I didn't try to modify repo B it still seems to have issues with the missing permissions. In this case I could simply delete the Xlink and recreate it as truly readonly, and then I was able to download and merge from the other repo without additional permissions.

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