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  1. Thanks for the info! Too bad, Gluon is one of the best features of the PlasticSCM toolset. I'm also looking into gmaster at the moment, which may be more accessible than the full Plastic GUI.
  2. I've tested GitSync with the full GUI and it worked nicely to connect to a git repository on GitHub.Does the same work with Gluon? I didn't find any documentation about it. It would be fine to configure GitSync via the full GUI and then switch over to Gluon to do checkin/checkout, but so far, Gluon only pushes to the local repository, but not GitHub. I've had similar problems with regular PlasticSCM repositories, when I switched between full GUI and Gluon. So, is GitSync supported with Gluon and how can I set it up?
  3. Sure! At first I searched for "Plastic SCM delete changeset" and similar things like "undo changeset" and quickly found this page: http://blog.plasticscm.com/2014/07/how-to-undo-merge.html There I learned about the subtractive merge feature, but it did not mention that I could apply it to a changeset interval on the blog. So, I continued the search for "Plastic SCM subtractive merge" and found this page via google: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/advanced-version-control-guide#subtractive-merge I read over the entire page and then re-read the section "Subtractive Merge" a few times. It explained nicely how to remove a single changeset, however I did not initially understand that I could apply this to an interval. Now, that I know about the feature it also seems obvious, because the previous section is "Interval Merge". However, as a beginner, the term "interval merge" did not sound like something I would need and I failed to make the connection that the interval can probably be used for most other operations. Maybe it could be made more clear with a small cross reference such as "to apply subtractive merge to a range of changesets see the section about interval merge" or something like that. I did not find any other pages about these features.
  4. After digging around on the forum for a bit, I found the following thread which seems to contain my answer: There, manu explains how to use "Subtractive merge from this changeset interval", which does what I need. I read about subtractive merge on the blog and on one of the documentation pages, but there the interval option was not mentioned, so I didn't know about it. After testing it on a dummy repository, I used it on our real repo and it worked great! PS: Maybe I'm failing at googling and reading the docs, but I still can't find the official documentation where it says that subtractive merge works on an interval, maybe that's something to add.
  5. Shortly before our last milestone delivery, we basically screwed up our project and committed it multiple times to the main branch. Normally, we would have used a task-branch and then would have simply abandoned it, but in this case, due to last-minute stress, our developers thought they could all fix it on main, so we ended up with this: Everything marked in red should be discarded (the entire changesets only contain follow-up on an earlier mistake). Due to panic-mode, we branched-off the earlier changeset where everything was still working and continued with a few working changes on the Milestone 02 branch. This milestone branch I would like to merge to main but without the changesets marked in red. I would also like to include the changeset on main right after the split into the other branch. What is the cleanest way of fixing this? I know about subtractive merge for a single changeset, but wouldn't I have to do it 6 times to remove all the red changesets here?
  6. I've discovered that the labels are pushed the next time something else on the same branch is pushed. This means, I had to change some files, create another changeset commit and push it to the cloud to upload the older labels. I've also tried again to only push the branch or sync with the cloud, but it wouldn't do anything until I made additional changes.
  7. Does Plastic support adding a label to a changeset on a branch after they have already been pushed to the cloud? We tried it, but the label only shows on the local developer machine and cannot be seen by other members replicating from the cloud. I tried it again on my machine and noticed, that when I label any existing, pushed changeset, I don't get any pending changes and nothing to sync in the SyncView. Isn't there a way to push this newly created label to the cloud? Thank you!
  8. Is it possible to query a repository for a specific file name, which once existed somewhere, but may now be deleted or is not part of the current workspace? I know that I can simple use the regular Plastic GUI to search for files in the workspace explorer, but some of our team members would like to find a file from another branch or one that once existed in a previous changeset.
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