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  1. Hello Carlos, thank you for the link! It would be great to have it at https://www.plasticscm.com/plastic-for-linux page! As for CLI client, I'm not entirely sure what's the issue. For me it looks like a crash. Client shows the download progress but exit with a code equals to 1 and does not download any files. Only folders created.
  2. So, I've performed a bit of research today. Since GTK version of Plastic is not working on Debian family of Linux for last 3 years, I've installed Fedora this morning. Unfortunately, CLI still crashing in a exact same way. I've tried GUI client and I've got a message box asking me for encryption: Edit: I've entered encryption password and I was able to get workspace synced. After that cm utility worked as intended.
  3. Hello, Please see log attached Thank you! cm.log.txt
  4. Hello, Could you please share solution? I'm having exact same issue but on Linux machine. Thank you!
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