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Plastic UI/UX (app and unity plugin)


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I have to say that a few months ago when I saw the info about the switch from Collab to Plastic I was really angry about how everything looked and worked in Plastic.
There are still some issues, but the PlasticX update gave me some hope that Plastic goes in a good direction. Congrats!
The app was looking really old for 2021, now it is looking ok, however, some elements could be modified/simplified/modernized keeping the same functionality.
There are also many small improvements that could be made (I think easily) that would really help Unity users.
I've mentioned some changes to UI in other topics (dark theme diff view not working properly, dark theme menu bar support).

- A simple button that allows reverting to the previous version (changeset). It was previously available in Collab, and this seems like a downgrade (the option is there but only for a file).
- Unity Plugin/Changesets/Diff changeset x is opening workspace explorer, I'm not sure if it is intended.
- Many misleading names, misplaced buttons, hidden options e.g. there is plenty of space on the right. There could be no advanced options as there is a place for everything (with collapsing to advanced if the window width is small)


Names like checkin comments: that can just put old comments into the field
- Tagging or at least manually hiding branches (I know that branches can be filtered right now, but this could be a nice addition)
- More options could be available in the unity plugin e.g. reverting

Again, keep up the great work.

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