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Merging Uassets


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I noticed with the new release of the Plastic SCM plugin for Unreal it says that we can now merge BP files, which is incredibly exciting! But, I can't quite figure out how to do it. My first question is: is this a UE5 only feature?

If not, when the instructions on the github say "You have to trigger the resolve in the Plastic SCM GUI, but then skip it without saving changes in order to let the Editor presents you with a visual diff", how does this process exactly work in a more detailed way?

Thanks if anyone can help!

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Hey hello

I am not entirely sure what you mean with the new release, I assume https://github.com/PlasticSCM/UE4PlasticPlugin/releases, but I didn't mention merging BP in the release notes.

If you are referring to the readme, https://github.com/PlasticSCM/UE4PlasticPlugin#merge-conflicts-on-blueprints it's actually not new nor specific to UE5, the Visual Diff and Merge Tools have been in UE4.0 already. The issue is that it only allows the user to see what are the differences on both sides, compared to their common ancestor, but not helping in doing any actual merge, as in, taking bits from left and rights. Ultimately you have to chose what version to keep, it only help decide what is better, eg to then redo quickly the other changes left aside.

Now about your actual question (finally :)) I understand that it would help to add screenshots from the Plastic SCM GUI, so I'll provide some in the future.

For now, you could give it a try, it's not that complex; when their is a merge conflict, by default Plastic SCM does nothing, so there are no modifications made to your asset locally (so assets are not seen as in conflict at this stage, sadly, just not up to date!). When you start the conflict resolution, it triggers the merge process; You get a popup asking you to choose what version to keep. There you can just cancel and leave the conflict open. 


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