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[BUG] Plastic Deleting Addressables & Removing Files.

Mark Morris

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I have quite a few MP3 files in a project. On Linux they seem to constantly get Added & Removed, its also caused issues like the file being removed from Addressables list (Unity Package). Pretty sure this has not happened on Windows yet, but could be wrong.


Ive gone with it and commit, all files still remain in project, but like i say it loses certain data each time. Weird thing it says 55 Days ago they were added.



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I cant believe no one else is experiencing this. Today my project was clean, my college added a couple of mp3s to the project, i do a pull and now my project looks like this again. No files have been removed yet, this happens every time. I dont care that they show as deleted but its loosing the addressable status each time. Ive spent 2 years on this project and im a week away from release. This is such a terrible bug.




These files below were all addressable until i pulled a change. They are still addressable on my colleges computer, but mine get reset by plastic every time.


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  • Mark Morris changed the title to [BUG] Plastic Deleting Addressables.
  • Mark Morris changed the title to [BUG] Plastic Deleting Addressables & Removing Files.
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Hey Mark,

Please respond back to your support ticket. I suspect that Plastic SCM is the one reporting that the files are missing but Unity is the culprit for the change occurring. If you are able to consistently reproduce this, I would love to get connected with you on a Zoom call to troubleshoot further.

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