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Setting up PlasticSCM for Students


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So I am an educator and a novice at using version control software. I am currently trying to set up a Repository for my students that will allow them to use PlasticSCM to collaborate with eachother on a Unreal Engine project. I am looking to use the main account I set up in the cloud to manage their project while teaching them the basics of Version Control workflow.

I am having issues with figuring out what the best method to loop them into the repository that I set up? should I just create new accounts for each of them and add them in or is there a better method?

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Hi @KtechVR,

If all the students are going to work in one repository, you can create one cloud organization and and invite the students as users.

The users need to have their own account. The link below contains how to manage users and group in cloud organization.


Please let us know if you have any questions.

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