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CodeCollaborator integration fails with "GetChangesetsInfo is not called from the client"


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I'm trying to create a CodeCollaborator review of a changeset using the instructions found here: https://www.plasticscm.com/documentation/technical-articles/codecollaborator-send-plastic-differences. I get the error message "Unable to send differences to CodeCollaborator: GetChangesetsInfo(RepId repId, List<long> csNumbers) is not called from the client. Implemented due to interface restrictions."

1) Pretty obviously, the actual error is the "GetChangesetsInfo()..." part. Is that being returned from the CodeCollaborator API, or from the Plastic API?

2) Is codecollaboratorclient.exe supported when using Plastic Cloud?

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hi @GardensSiobhan,

As mentioned in the support ticket you logged.

1. The error message you are receiving is from the codecollaboratorclient.exe client. Are you running this operation on a Windows workstation with a configured Plastic SCM client? What is the CLI command you have run to receive this error message?

2. I believe that the whether you are on Cloud or Enterprise should have no impact on the use of this plugin. Is there behaviour that is hindering your progress?

Hope this helps!

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