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Pending changes stuck on loading and (name_conflict)_*folderName*


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Hello, the issue I am facing is also discussed here:

In addition to this when going to the pending changes tab "Finding changes in the workspace" is loading forever which means I can't roll back to my previous changes. This happened when merging with another branch of the same Unity project. I am currently using Plastic Black Sabbath - Paranoid

To reproduce:
-Merged with other branch

-Kept source changes (discarding mine for each conflict)

-When the last move/delete conflict (6878 of them) was resolved I got warned  about not having enough space in my C:drive

-Freed some space and then proceeded to the Added/Private changes

-Encountered this error: Could not find a part of the path "*My workspace's Asset folder*"


Now I am left with an empty (name_conflict)_Assets folder while my Assets folder is still there.

Also we're talking about 70gb merge if it's something worth considering.

Any ideas?




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Is there any particular reason to use 10 version? In the latest version this behaviour is fixed, can you upgrade to the latest and run the merge again?
For the "Could not find a part of the path" error, it can be an issue with the meta data of the workspace, going back one changeset and back to the latest should refresh the meta data, let me know if that helped.
Unity Plastic SCM Support
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