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How to select only meta file on Configure?


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Thank you for your response.

OK. I will explain why I want to do that.


For example, let's say I have a workspace that looks like the image below. 


Then, when I want to change only "SubFolder1", I will select "SubFolder1".


In this case, "Folder1" is selected, but "Folder1.meta" is not selected. If I open the Unity project at this state, another "Floder1.meta" will created by Unity automatically. It conflicts with a existing "Folder1.meta" file when it is being checked in.



Because of this behavior, I have to manually delete the meta files to clean my workspace. If I can select/unselect only meta files, I will be able to avoid this problem.

That's why I'm asking to select only meta files.

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Sorry for the delay in my reply.

In my project, workspace management is done only on the Gluon GUI. Therefore, the Unity package manager is not relevant to my requirements.

Let me explain again about my request. All I want is for the meta file to not be automatically checked in the Configure screen of Plastic Gluon.

Currently Gluon forces the meta file to be checked as well when a file is selected. This is not a desirable behavior for me.

I would like to solve this problem by, for example, providing an option so that meta files are not forced to be selected at the same time. I would be satisfied if the meta file and the pair of files could be selected separately, in any way.

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Thank you for giving me more context, but I am still struggling to see why this would be beneficial.

When you make a change to an asset, you would want any changes made in the corresponding meta file to be controlled too, right? Seperating these changes could potentially cause problems in the Unity project down the line.

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