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Set up Xlinks to Script Flolder in Copy of another Project Folder?


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Hi, I am completely new to Plastic SCM and evaluating whether or not it can handle what we need, so I am a bit lost as to how set up Xlinks in this situation:

1. we have a game system that we offer clients.
2. every time we get a new client, we copy an existing client's project and switch out the content in the copy for the new client.  Any given client project acts as a template because all of the code and base assets are the same.   Doing this saves us a huge amount of set up time.

While working in any given client's project, we would like to update the existing code of our system, organized into a Scripts folder, with bug fixes and new features, and have those changes propagate to the other client's projects.

In short, we have a common code base - the entire Scripts folder - and we just need to link it together so that we can edit the code from any client's project.

This situation seems to be what Xlinks is designed for, but I cannot figure what to do to create an Xlink when we copy a project for a new client so Plastic SCM and the Unity project will know that the Scripts folder should point to the same folder for all of them without breaking the project copy we are making.

Is what I am looking for possible?   Are there better ways of trying to solve this problem. Any help or guidance on how I can do this are greatly appreciated  Thanks in advance!

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Yes, this scenario is a perfect fit for Xlinks.

This is what you want to be doing:

  1. Create a repository with the content of this shared Scripts folder, lets call it "ScriptsBase".
  2. For any new client create a new repository "Client1".
  3. Create a writable* Xlink from "ClientX" repository pointing to "ScriptsBase" repository.
  4. Continue making changes to the "ClientX" repository.

*This will allow you to change the "ScriptsBase" repository from inside one of the "ClientX" repository.

Let me know if you have more specific questions.




Unity Plastic SCM Support
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