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Archiving cloud repository

Gabor Papp

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I'm trying to archive a repo from the cloud to save space.
I used `removerepository` from the docs. It removes the repo from the cloud, but I could not find the backup files anywhere:


Another thing I tried is `cm archive`, I tried `cm archive rep:RepoName@user@cloud`, but it warns that `rep:RepoName@user@cloud` does not exist and does not do anything.

What would be the right method here? Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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Unfortunately, the documentation you have found is mainly based around the on-prem version of Plastic SCM, which is why you are having trouble with a Cloud repository.

To delete a repository from the cloud you should use the Plastic SCM client, right-click on a repository and select delete. If you want to make a backup (local copy) of the repository, you should create a sync view and sync it to a local repository.

Hope this helps!


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