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History is the one thing keeping me on the Legacy GUI


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Overall, I like the new GUI. But the one thing I really just hate is the history view. It went from a very readable column-formatted version to a "pretty" version that destroys the ability to easily go down vertically and mentally parse what you're seeing. This kind of format is just never the answer for readability.

Plus, there's just not information here. You can't see the date/time. Only some "pretty" formatted date that's fine for social media posts but terrible for looking at files that might have multiple revisions on a single day. If you actually want to see the full timestamp, you have to click on every single one of the entries and look in the details. Forget about comparing a few at the same time, because that information just isn't there anymore.

Likewise, you can't see changesets without clicking details. I can't have a conversation that says "well, if you look on 1345 it says _____ but 1346 says _______. I wonder if in 1344 if we _______."

Now that branch and user are buried in the "pretty" subtitle, it's much harder to scan across and see the files being checked into each branch by each person.


It's just very much a form over function decision, and I don't see how it was ever approved to be in the final GUI. It doesn't add anything but takes several things away.

I'll still be using the legacy GUI simply because of this one area. And when the Legacy GUI is taken away, I'll be sticking on the last version that has it as long as possible.

Please please please rethink this design.

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Agreed in all points.

I also LOVED the "View history as 2D revision tree" version, as it gives you a clear and familiar (=>Branch Explorer!) overview of the branching history of that file, in addition of conveniently showing the file diffs BELOW the history (as opposed to squished to the right of the "pretty" history list).


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