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The remote host closed the socket


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That is the message I am getting within the Plastic SCM locally installed app in Windows 10. I am also receiving the same message from within Unity when I try to commit changes.

I am able to login to my Plastic SCM dashboard via my Unity ID in the browser.

Are there any logs that I can check somewhere that might give some more insight into this? Or would someone perhaps know what might be going on?

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That error message can happen due to multiple situations, you can find the Plastic SCM Client logs located at C:/users/user/appdata/local/.plastic4/logs on windows and User/.plastic4/logs on Mac.

We can try the following to discard connectivity issues: 

  • Can you run the following command: cm iostats YourOrganization@cloud --nettotalmb=128 and share the output?
  • Do you have any firewall, router custom configuration...? Restating the router could help, assuming the problem is specific to this machine.
  • Are you able to list the repositories via console?cm lrep Organization@cloud

Please let me know your results of feel free to open a ticket sending an email to support@codicesoftware.com and we can gather the information there.

Unity Plastic SCM Support
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