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Plastic SCM, detecting files moved within Unity as renamed or Deleted and Added


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I'm trying to move a folder with multiple subfolders and files inside of the Unity Project tap. Instead of being detected as either, a single folder move or multiple file moves by Plastic. It is detected as a series of renames and deletions/additions. Most of these pictures are identical, so a similarity check might be confused(if not for the filename staying the same) and losing history on the "deleted"/"added" files isn't the biggest concern, but I don't really see a reason why it wouldn't be able to detect this move correctly.
Added.thumb.PNG.d0bc2ddab25da46175b36ad416a15f89.PNGCreate the folder structure in the new spot manually and then moving files individually still ends up giving weird changes. 
Here I've moved xxxx__0018 and xxxx__0017.
But moving xxxx__0019 as well produces this result

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It mostly depends on your move detection settings in the Plastic client, so play around with different settings there.

But still Plastic will sometimes get confused, as it seems to compare file content ONLY, independent of the file name. So if you have two identical PNGs and move them to a different folder, the confusion shown in your screenshots may happen.

When Plastic's detection fails, I generally undo the rename, and then move/rename these files in the Workspace explorer in Plastic (not the Windows Explorer, and not the Unity Editor), as it fully keeps track of all affected files. However, make sure you ALSO move/rename every associated .meta file along with it 8especially when renaming a folder - each folder also has its own .meta file).

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Plastic really needs to disable move detection by default with Unity.  I've had it break my local repository 5 times in one month because I deleted files in Unity. When you have a big project and you delete meta files, Plastic often detects those as a file move.  This is a terrible bug that has been around for four or five years.  You can only safely delete files inside the Plastic client, not in Unity.  

I've had more problems with Plastic than I ever had with SVN, and SVN is known for being terrible.  

The critical bug is it's impossible revert some of these moves.  The only fix is to redownload your repo to a new folder and manually move your newly changed files to the new workspace.  I've found complaints about this issue from 2019.  Plastic clearly aren't interested in fixing these bugs.   If you have this problem, please please please report them to Unity.  If we get enough bugs filed, then Unity may force them to fix the file move bugs. 


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