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Integrating with Sparx System Enterprise Architect (EA)


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On December 29th 2010 I posted a message about my problem with integrating PlasticSCM with Sparx System Enterprise Architect (EA). I have not received any reply yet. It is very important for my customer to have this integration completed. I would appreciate it if anybody provide me with information on solving this problem or can point me to the correct direction.

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I can reproduce the problem as follows (Win Vista x64, Plastic SCM 187.14, EA 8.0.858):

1) open Enterprise Architect

2) right-click on root node in package browser --> package control --> version control settings

3) enter settings like shown in screenshot

4) save

several error messages pop up

Plastic Plugin Error

Couldn't connect to the server localhost:8084.

Warning: Operation Canceled

Error while initializing Version Control provider:

Failed to open SCC Project

Failed to initialize Version Control provider!

cm cc and cm lrep work, the selected path is a valid workspace

an Enterprise Architect Trial Version is available at http://www.sparxsystems.com/products/ea/trial.html


I just tried the same on a different machine (Win 7 x64) and it works.


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I moved the plastic from one server to another server and my problem is completely got fixed. I do not know why. However, I am very sorry for delay in reply because the email of your posting was sent to the junk folder and I was not aware of that.

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We are using Plastic to version control our EA files via the SCC interface. Sometimes after running EA for a while, checking XMI files in and out of Plastic, we can't subsequently start up the Plastic GUI client because the guiclient.conf file is in use by another process (presumably EA?). [screenshot attached].

Not sure what actions led up to the problem. We think it's after trying to add some new EA model elements to the Plastic repo, and getting error messages along the way. Will try to catch the problem as it happens to get more info.

The only way we've found to clear the problem is to close apps and reboot the machine.




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