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IntelliJ integration - version control local changes tab picks up old revisions

Gerard Murphy

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I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1.2 (Have been seeing this problem in all versions I've installed through 2015 to the present, though).


My version of Plastic is currently (again, I've been seeing this problem in all releases of Plastic through 2015 to the present).


The plugin for Plastic SCM is installed correctly and works - I can make commits, show diffs etc.


Just after I commit changes via IntelliJ, the local changes tab in IntelliJ shows no changes, as expected, and a corresponding changeset is created in Plastic. However, when I make further changes, the diff views in IntelliJ pick up a mixture of the new changes since my last commit, plus older changes from the previous commit.


If I commit the new changes to make a new changeset, only the changes I made since the last commit actually make there way into that new changeset.


I can repeat this procedure with a running IntelliJ instance, after each commit, the local changes view clears, but the diffs roll up more and more old revisions - it gets very confusing to work on.


Using Plastic standalone in tandem with IntelliJ is a workaround, but it would be good to see this bug fixed - when I'm in the flow it's nice to stay in the IDE and use Plastic more occasionally for the heavy lifting, such as merging.





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