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Evaluation / SQL Server


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Hi Simon,

Yes, it is very simple.

- You need to have a SQL Server (2005 or higher) installed.

- Then create a db.conf file in your Plastic server directory.

- The file contents should be:

 <ConnectionString>SERVER=YOURSERVER;User Id=YOUR USER;Pwd=YOUR PASSWORD;DATABASE={0};</ConnectionString>
 <DatabasePath>OPTIONAL PATH</DatabasePath>

- Then just restart the server

If you have any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact again.

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Well, actually each repository is in a single database. The point is that Plastic keeps a list of all the existing repositories (which is another database) and also keeps track of the files you have on your local machine, which is the workspace database...

Hope it is not a problem for you.

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Hi again Simon,

Yes, sure. You can take a look at the user guide, which should give you a good overview on the system.

Also consider the following papers: http://www.plasticscm.com/opsupport2.aspx

The evaluation lasts for 30 days and 5 users. If you need an extended period just let me know.

Also, what's your team size? Your development environment?

Of course, don't hesitate to write us if you have any questions.

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