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  1. We had exactly this discussion a while back, how we should handle .meta files in our shared repositories. We finally agreed on simply letting the .meta files exist on the shared repository, so every project share the same meta data when it comes to the assets in the shared repo. As long as the initial contributor makes sure to commit .meta files along with the new files he creates in the shared repo, there aren't any issues. I understand the issue when initially merging shared code into a shared repository, that's not pretty. But going forward, i.e. when starting a new project using the s
  2. Thank you, I will do that. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't already available
  3. Hello! Sorry to resurrect a very old thread, but I was looking around for an option like this today and found it. When testing, it appears as if ForceBuildNumberMatch option in server.conf only tells the user that they have to upgrade, but nothing more. Is there not option to trigger the automatic update, as if they have an incompatible version? Since there is an automatic upgrade feature available anyway, can't we use it instead?
  4. We've started using exclusive checkouts in our Unity project, where we lock things such as materials, scenes, prefabs. However, we've noticed that there are instances where files are not saved to disc properly, and therefore not getting checked in properly. This seems to happen when you have a scene open, that is locked by someone else, edit your assets, and save. Since the scene you're currently in fails to check out and save, it appears as if it aborts the save process altogether, resulting in your other work not being saved as well. If you open another scene that you're allowed to edit
  5. I already got the question answered, so I'll just post the answer here in case anyone wonders the same thing "I’m afraid that gluon is not able to perform as you wish for that certain scenario. Head changes are supposed to be more important and local changes are supposed to not to happen in parallel, Gluon is very dependent on the locking system as avoiding merge operations was one of the main Gluon motivations."
  6. Hello We're trying to switch some of our users over to Gluon, but there is one specific scenario that I can't see being supported and is making me cautious. I understand that Gluon is intended to work along with exclusive locking. However, say there is one type of file you don't want to lock. In that case, if Gluon user A checks out that file, and then Gluon user B checks out that same file, edits it, and checks it in, user A's file will be out of date. As I understand it, Gluon approach to this is that user A will have to undo his changes, update and then re-do his work. Is there
  7. Hi all A question to Unity users out there, that can hopefully help me with an issue we're having. When using Plastic SCM with Unity, most assets are non-editable until they've been checked out, either explicitly by you or automatically by Unity (say, when you save a scene for instance). As long as Unity checks stuff out, all is well. Occasionally, we run into the issue where files don't seem to get checked out as they should. The result being that when we try to check in a e.g. a scene or material, we can't due to the "The parent revision of the item <filename> is incon
  8. Thanks for your answers! Sounds good. I understand the purpose of Xlinks and libraries is exactly what I have in mind for them, but I want to get it right. I'll send you a mail and see if I can find some time next week. I realized I failed to answer regarding the move operations. It seems as if moving files alone are no problem. When moving an entire directory tree however, it seems to not being able to competely handle the top folder correctly, maybe due to Unity's meta files? When doing a move of a folder with subfolders and files, the Versioning window markes the
  9. Hi manu! We're using Unity 5.1.2p3. I don't know exactly when and how it happens, but I'll try to keep an eye and update. As far as I understand, it seems to be mostly folders that suffer from this. Files seem to update fine. But if I move around folders, adding and removing them just to generate changes, they seem to never get rid of their symbols if I submit or revert. Sorry that is was unclear, I'll try to explain. If I edit e.g. a scene, and save it, it gets marked as a change and all is well. But if I want to update e.g. a prefab or a material, the Inspector view, w
  10. Sorry for the non-descriptive topic, but I had a series of questions I wanted to ask and wasn't sure if I should post them all in separate threads, or gather them all up in a single one. We're currently evaluating using Plastic SCM as our new version control system for our game development projects. We're positive on the big whole, but are wondering about some details here and there, mostly in regard to the Unity plugin. 1. We notice that when you, in the Project view, choose to create a new item, it is automatically marked as add to source control, which is to be expected. However, sa
  11. Sorry to re-awaken an old topic, I just wanted to add that I'm also very interested in this feature (only x-linking subdirectories). No update on when we can expect such a feature?
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