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  1. Hi Carlos, I've just sent you a copy of the client logs via pm (hope you don't mind). If I create a new file, everything works as expected; I see the new file, I can click on it and check it in as normal (no errors). It's only 50 specific files that are causing the error.
  2. In 'Pending changes', under 'Added and private items' I have 50 files listed with the status 'Private', which whenever one is left-clicked on, prompts a error: The files cannot be checked in, as the same error is prompted. However, right clicking on one of the files and choosing Open > Open in Windows Explorer works as expected, and shows the location of the file. Additionally, I did not add the files locally, they were pulled (so shouldn't be showing up at all). Any idea what might be causing the error? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Info: OS: W
  3. I'm using GitSync between my plastic repo, and a git repo hosted on GitLab. Until today, when i've attempted to update my git repo via GitSync, everything has worked perfectly. However, now, when I attempt to GitSync; everything appears to be working fine on Plastic (the radial menu goes to 100%, everything goes green, no errors, it says everything is up to date), however on my GitLab repo, the changes aren't showing up. Any idea what might be going on?
  4. Gotcha. Thank you very much for your time.
  5. Interesting - the problem seems to be this step: Because C already contains this cloaked.conf, why do i need to first put a copy into my new workspace before pulling? Shouldn't the cloaked.conf already in C restrict what's downloaded? After doing the above, indeed it works - thank you for pointing this out. Although i'm still unsure as to why the manual step of copying the conf is needed; shouldn't this act the same as a ignore.conf? I'm using the Cloud Edition on Window.
  6. I have 3 repos setup: A B C Repo C implements A and B via Xlinks. C also has a cloaked.conf file to exclude some of the directories in A and B from downloading; however these directories still appear to download when a fresh workspace is setup. Any idea why this is happening? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm having some trouble getting a merge to finish. I went to check-in my local changes, and received a pop-up asking me to merge. I clicked merge, then processed the changes During this processing, I received a number of error windows cannot perform an exclusive lock on the same item (this also duplicated all of the files in the project with (name_conflict) amended to the file name cannot retrieve licence information from plastic scm server (this has since been resolved) I then tried shelving the changes as suggested here (https://forum.p
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