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Is it possible to pull part of a branch down in a new workspace?


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As part of the deployment process, we would like to pull down only the parts of the code base that are required. Rather than using the ignore.conf, it would be nice to use a white list like feature. I tried pulling down specific folders using cm cat but I couldn't get it figured out and wasn't sure if it could be used in the way I am trying to use it.


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Hello none,

I'm afraid that the "cm cat" command can't be used for that purpose, the "cm cat" used for a directory will give you the names of the items that are inside them fiven a certain revision, for example:

>cm cat src#cs:123


the easiest solution is the following:

1) Prepare a "cloaked.conf" with the directories and files you don't want to download, for example:


2) Place the file in the root path of your brand new workspace, run the update or switch to branch operation. The items defined in the cloaked file will not be downloaded.

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Thanks for the response.

Is there a way to do the opposite of cloaked.conf? I would rather whitelist the directories I want. I think it could be easy to forget about the cloaked.conf and start pulling down new directories because I forgot to blacklist them.

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