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New public release


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Here it comes a new one!

Check the new stuff here: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/10/plastic-scm-4110359-is-out.html

And as always the release notes between the last one and the new one:

External Release (Oct 22th 2012)



The revision info regarding tree reading performance has been improved

when using SQLServer backend. The processing time has been reduced in

all the operations that involve reading trees (i.e.: merge, diffs,

ls --tree)


Merge: The error "An element with the same key already exists in the

dictionary.", that eventually happens under some special condition

during the merge process, has been fixed.


The GUI could already handle the local changes the same way as the

controlled changes. The local changes could be checked-in, shelved or

undone. Furthermore, they could be applied in order to leave them as

controlled changes. Now, local changes can also be handled from the CLI.

The "checkin", "undocheckout" and "shelvefile" commands can also be

applied on the local changes using the option "--all".


Only the locally moved, deleted and changed items will be handled this

way. The private items must be added using the add command.

External Release (Oct 08th 2012)



WebUI: Available as a beta version.

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