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Workspace creation impossible


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today, after preparing much different other things, I wanted to create a productive new Workspace. But it was not possible.

I started the client, typed the name and the local workspace directory, the server was o.k. But I got the error message (see screenshot below) that the local path already exists. Of course I already done the database design and created a MS SQL Server CE 3.5 database beneath this folder and I already created with LLBLGen Pro the O/R Mapping classes.


But after renaming the existing folder and trying it again first I was asked if the folder shall be created (see screenshot below) and afterwards I got again the error that the folder already exists (see screenshot above). :-s


Does anybody has an idea what's going wrong over here? :-k

Asking greetings


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Well, you know, people find it easier to email us at support@codicesoftware.com, where they normally get the answer reaaaaly fast! \:d/

I'll copy-paste mine here: =p~

Hi Reiner,

Ok, what I think you're facing is:

- You have a wk at d:\Daten\Entwicklung\Projekte\Softelier\ProTravel.

So, why don't you just use it? I mean, what you're doing is renaming the

wk locally, but this won't rename it on the server, Plastic still thinks

your wk is at the same location.

- If you rename locally and you create the path again, you're still

trying to work against the same wk... that's why the server says that.

So, if you want to start with a clean wk:

- whether you put it on a different location

- or you remove it (the wk) in the server and create a new one at the

same place. Does it make sense?

You know Plastic (it's actually an advantage) doesn't store wk info at

your disk but at the server (that's why we don't pollute your disk with

strange private files and folders), but as a counterpart the server

knows where your wks are and you can't foolish it.

So, whether you continue using the same one (but you don't need to

remove the wk for that, maybe the local stuff to clean it up, but not

the wk), or you remove it on the server (remove workspace) and create a

new one.

Please let me know if you've any further questions or need assistance.



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Hi Pablo,

again thanks a lot for your help! \:d/ =d>

No all is working fine. [-o<

BTW, did or do U send Citrix an error report because of the problem with using a second monitor as the primery display, or shall I?

Thankfull greetings


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