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New public release


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Hi friends!

we have a new release! Check the 364 out: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2012/11/plastic-scm-release-4110364-is-out.html

Release notes:

External Release (Nov 05th 2012)



Go to line feature (Shortcut: Ctrl+G) in the textbox, so that users can

scroll directly to a certain line when working with Differences,

Mergetool and Annotate. This feature works the same way as it works in

Visual Studio or Notepad.


Pending Changes view adds more information about the merges in progress.

Each file in Pending Changes view coming from a merge is decorated with

merge source information.


During merge, if the option "Find changed files in workspace before merge"

is set, and there are changed files in the workspace, a dialog shows up

warning about the situation. Now the dialog is properly refreshed if a

subset of changes is undone.

Internal Release (Oct 29th 2012)



There could be review comments or attribute realizations that were lost

during the replication process, on some special bidirectional

replications or replications that involved more than 2 repositories.



The merge to issue "Can't add an entry with the same name." , that was

related with multiple changes on the same item, has been fixed.


Having changed files before an "update-merge" operation could lead to

missing local changes. Fixed.


When a local change was undone and someone else owned an exclusive

checkout, the operation failed. Fixed.


When an item exclusively checked out was removed, the locked items never

were released. Fixed.

External Release (Oct 22th 2012)



When the destination revision was checked out, the destination parent

revision was the ancestor revision and the destination content size was

the same as the ancestor content size, although the destination content

was different than the ancestor content, the source contributor was

wrongly left as result. Fixed.


GUI: The views that support querying had a problem when reseting the

query: if Plastic was restarted the custom query was reloaded again,

instead of loading the reseted query. Fixed.

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