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New public release


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Here you have a new release! It has bug fixes and new features :)


Customer detected and User voice solved tasks:

  1. WebUI: Changesets and Branch views not working (http://www.plasticsc...ms/page__st__40)
  2. VSPackage: Create a VS toolbar (https://plasticscm.u...olbar-to-the-vi)
  3. Recent comments numeric configuration too small (http://www.plasticsc...__fromsearch__1))

Release notes (369 & 372):

External Release (Nov 26th 2012)



Visual Studio Package: Now the plugin includes a toolbar showing the

most common views available: Pending changes, Branches, Branch

Explorer, Labels, Changesets, Repositories, Synchornization, Workspace

explorer, Pending changes in the workspace.

By clicking on these buttons the corresponding view will appear, the

same way as clicking on the View -> Plastic SCM menu.

In addition to that, shortcuts have been added to open these views:

Pending changes view -> Alt+Shift+P

Branches view -> Alt+Shift+B

Branch Explorer view -> Alt+Shift+E

Labels view -> Alt+Shift+L

Changesets view -> Alt+Shift+C

Repositories view -> Alt+Shift+R

Synchronization view -> Alt+Shift+S

Workspace Explorer view -> Alt+Shift+I (Items)

Pending changes on workspace view -> Alt+Shift+W (Workspace)


Fixed an internal null that could happen if the server did not have any

activity. This could lead, under very weird circumstances to a

non-responding server. Fixed.


GUI: plastic.exe application was closing the differences dialog just

after being shown. This issue only happened when launching the

application using '--showbranch=full_branch_spec' or

'--showchangeset=full_changeset_spec' parameters (example:

'plastic.exe --showbranch=br:/main/Rel1.1@tools@localhost:8087'). Fixed.


GUI: Update progress dialog size increased to avoid cut texts.


Eclipse plugin: localization issue in the changesets view fixed.


WebUI (beta): The branches and changesets view were not showing any

information when the date separator on the regional settings was not

'/'. Fixed.


WebUI (beta): The charts were not showed when the repository name

contained some special characters. Fixed.

External Release (Nov 15th 2012)



The findchanged command raised an error when the workspace had locally

removed items and they were not inside a removed directory. Fixed: now

the list of changed files in the workspace is displayed.


The numericUpDown WindowsForms control did not fit correctly when using

the Windows Classic theme. Fixed.


The scrolls were not updated correctly after finding a text (Ctrl+F) in

the textbox. Fixed.

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Hi Manu

Small cosmetic bug in the client.

In the sync replication view, when you have more then one view and with each of them a couple of projects the following happens.

1) When a (large) view is selected and the details are all expanded so there is a vertical scrollbar,

2) Scroll down to the bottom.

3) Click on a much smaller view (only 1 or two projects will do) and it leaves the scrollbar is the bottom position (so some of the source/destination paires are scrolled up and are not visible). You have to scroll up to see them (but given the size of th content there should be no scrollbar at all).


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Hi Manu,

Screenshots also ok I assume?

  • The first image shows a large sync view that is expanded and scrolled to the bottom (to view the bottom pair).


  • The second image shows the problem, This is a view with two projects in it, neither is visible because of the vertical scrollbar


  • The third image shows the actual problems that where obscured in the second image. Note the vertical scrollbar position (the position it should have had after switching to the smaller view).


Hmm cannot find the attach files option in the editor. I've created a dummy topic in another forum.


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