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UTF 8 with signature vs UTF 8 without signature

khal drogo

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I’m using the argument “-e=utf8” in my merge and compare settings because SemanticMerge used to mess up accentuated characters with the default settings (was this fixed?)


The problem now is that merged files are saved as “Unicode (UTF08 without signature) – Codepage 65001” as opposed to what seems to be VS2010’s default encoding: “Unicode (UTF08 with signature) – Codepage 65001”.

This has the nasty side effect of breaking VS2010’s default merge tool (can’t merge files with different encodings) for my colleagues who still use that.


Is there any way to force the encoding to be the same as VS ?

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Hi Khal!


The problem is that you are using -e=utf8.
    -e=utf8 means UTF-8 without BOM (signature)
    -e=utf8bom means UTF-8 with BOM (signature)

Anyway, if the files are encoded using UTF-8 with BOM, you don't need to specify anything, SemanticMerge will automatically save them correctly. In case you want to specify it, use -e=utf8bom.

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