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CE, Private and VPS


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I'm currently the proud user of Plastic SCM with a personal license, and I am very satisfied with it. However, there are two things that might change for me. First of all, I normally run the server and client on my two computers (desktop and laptop). I used a relatively unsafe method of ensuring that I always have the most recent changes on both computers, without needing to replicate or sync between both computers (this involved an external HDD and XAMPP). Although this worked for some time, recently I had made a terrible error and permanently deleted files so I couldn't run the database anymore. I did have backups, but since I couldn't automate it, they were quite old. Fortunately, the most important projects were already stored on both PCs, and other projects didn't change since the last backup. However, I decided to stop using Plastic like this. I still need to be able to access my repos from both computers, with requiring manual replication or syncing, so I thought about using a proper server connected to the internet.


My second change is that, at school, we work in groups on certain game projects in Unity primarily and they are now becoming more complex, so it's best to use source control. Although nothing has been decided yet, I wanted to propose to use Plastic SCM, for it's large binary files support and ease-of-use. Again, the best way to use it is to have a server connected to the internet so everyone can access it from anywhere. We don't really need the Unity plugin though, so that restriction of Personal and Community licenses is fine.


Recently I have acquired a VPS with reasonable hardware and storage, which I intend to use for a website and wiki. Since it has decent storage space and shell access, I also thought about installing Plastic server on there, and using the clients on my computers to access it. Now, my questions relate to both scenarios:

  1. Can I install Plastic SCM server on the VPS with my Personal license and access it from both computers?
  2. Does the server need the Community License instead of Personal if I intend to have multiple people access the server? And if so, do the other users need their own licenses (Personal or Community)?
  3. In case of the CE, are there restrictions on the number of users? At this point we have six people, but that number can change and groups can also be reformed with different people.

Sorry for the TL;DR. I'm asking this before actually applying for a Community License, and I want to be sure.

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Hi nivao!


Happy to know you like Plastic SCM :) and well, yes, I think the best way is always using replication, dropbox or copying databases is always risky.


That being said notice the license is always stored at the server side so if the server is having only one spot you'll only have one user, or multiple users sharing the ID, doable but uncomfortable to track changes.


How many users will you need? If it's for educational purposes I think the sales department can offer you a deal or a better price. The CE license is currently deprecated, only for customers that used the old CE in the past.


I think you have two options:


1) Installing your own server on the VPS and use the Personal or any other.

2) Cloud. You can have a Cloud account and multiple clients, you'll pay for the cloud but not for the clients. All the clients will need to install the Cloud Edition installer that comes with a transparent personal local server pre-configured.

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