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Feature Request: Time-lapse View


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I'm not sure if this is the place for feature requests, but one feature I miss that perforce has is a "Time-lapse View". It allows you to view a text file which has a slider where you could change which revision you were looking at. So you could easily see a file change over time. 

See here:

I'm on version plastic 5.4 currently.

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Hi Thrump,


We have something similar called 2D history. You right click on a file, and you see its history, and can go clicking on each of the commits to see the diffs and hence how it evolved.


Now, onto "time-lapse": we got this request a million times, and that's why we created 2D history. The thing is:

* In Perforce history is typically linear because they don't do so many branches (at least they didn't use to for years, when they claimed branching was evil. Now it seems they changed their minds :P with the same core underneath).

* So, when you "slide" it is easy: just go back/forward in history.

* Now, think in Plastic: you will have tons of branches and merges. What the slider should do? Just go back in history ignoring branches? Or do you need a "branched slider"? If so, that's 2D view.


Feedback is welcome because we would love to implement something great here, but everytime an ex-P4 asks, he ends up with something like "yeah, it doesn't make sense with branching".





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I personally find history 2D view a little bit confusing.

What is missing from my side is additional filtering functionality:

- limit displayed branches and changsets to ones which have new revisions (additions, deletions and changes) and merges ("display only relevant changsets" is not enough). - there are a lot of changsets with letter U which makes picture unreadable

- limit displayed branches and changsets to ones which have new revision of object

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