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Unable to add server-side trigger


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\We're doing some testing, and I'm trying to run the following trigger, to make Plastic run a basic .bat file when any commit is made in Plastic.  The .bat file (for now) just creates a text file letting us know the trigger works. I placed the .bat file on the Plastic Server, and had a user make a commit at their local machine.  But it doesn't appear to run the .bat file, because the .txt file it SHOULD create, doesn't get created.

cm maketrigger after-checkin "Alert Buildbot" "C:\Plastic_Commit_Triggers\Buildbot_Trigger.bat" --server=disti-plastic-1:8087 --filter="rep:M1A2S_VMT,*"

We've ran the .bat file on its own and it does create the .txt file when you run it.  But Plastic doesn't seem to run it.  Any suggestions, or am I possibly doing it wrong?

The .bat file literally only runs the following command:

TEMP is set in environment variables to look in the following location:

Which should create the "set.txt" file that lists the environment variables, in the following location:

What am I missing?

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