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Randomly thinks I'm at changeset 0 (major issue)


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This is a serious issue that has happened multiple times. 

Problem: I go to check in and suddenly plastic thinks I'm on changeset 0. The entire directory is detected as "new". I've attached a screenshot showing the weird discrepancy.


In the top left corner, it does have the correct changeset, but on the branch explorer it shows me at changeset 0. Pending changes shows every single file as to be added.

The worst part is, the first time this happened I let it auto merge with the detected branch changes and it overwrote my entire directory. I lost a whole day's worth of changes. Since then when it happens, I "fix" it by duplicating the directory on my hard drive, switching to the last changeset, then deleting the original and copying the duplicated directory back. Plastic then appropriately detects the changes.

I've tried enabling logging by putting the plastic.log.conf file in the plastic.exe directory. Unfortunately, I haven't seen any logs generated when plastic detects changes. I used the example conf file, do I need to change something in it? Honestly there really should be a checkbox or something in the program to enable logging.

Far as I know, nothing external should be touching the .plastic folder. The problem is seemingly random and happens every other week or so.


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The only reason I find to explain this behavior is having the ".plastic\plastic.wktree" file removed. Can you check if this file exists after you suffer the issue?

If it's removed we must know who removed it, enabling the log will help us. If the log is not generating output it might be because the process is not having enough permissions to write at the default path, please edit the .conf file and change the following line:

        <file value="plastic" />

to match:

        <file value="c:\logs\plastic" />

 The new log will be generated at "c:\logs\"

Please don't hesitate to contact us as we want to know what's happening.

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