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"Display branch task info" broken with latest Plastic SCM and JIRA

Olaf Kober

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Hi Codice!

Could it be that the "Display branch task info" feature in the Branch Explorer is broken?

We updated Plastic SCM clients ( and now the Summary of the associated JIRA task isn't shown anymore on top to branches.

The Plastic SCM client logs reveal:

2018-11-05 10:46:59,607 ANTON-PAAR\foo.bar ERROR jiraextensionrest - Could not get the issue MULTIPLE_PROJECTS-main from the JIRA server: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.
2018-11-05 10:46:59,609 ANTON-PAAR\foo.bar DEBUG jiraextensionrest - Stack trace:
   at System.Net.HttpWebRequest.GetResponse()
   at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.GetResponse(HttpWebRequest request)
   at Codice.Client.IssueTracker.Jira.JiraRestClient.GetIssue(String issueKey)
2018-11-05 10:46:59,609 ANTON-PAAR\foo.bar WARN  jiraextension - Issue 'MULTIPLE_PROJECTS-main' not found.
2018-11-05 10:46:59,611 ANTON-PAAR\foo.bar ERROR jiraextension - Error loading task main: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

It seems only the "branch task info" feature is affected. The JIRA integration works otherwise, except for the "branch task info". For example, we can create new branches based on JIRA issues, we see issue details in the branch explorer's right-side pane "Atlassian JIRA Extension".

Coworkers having older Plastic SCM client versions ( installed, still see the "branch task info" on top of branches.

Kind regards,
Olaf Kober

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