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Client configuration not creating client.conf file


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I am having trouble getting started with Plastic running under Ubuntu 14. When I try to create a repository:


cm makerepository myrepository


I get this error:


"Plastic SCM client is not correctly configured for current user: Client config file /home/mark/.plastic4/client.conf not found."


I wonder if something broke during installation. Here's my installation story: The first installation attempt was with the downloaded .run file. However after that install, trying to launch the client by clicking the icon in the UI threw a bunch of fatal errors in the terminal. A web search revealed these Plastic Ubuntu 14 install instructions:




So I ran those commands in a terminal. The install seemed fine. Next, I launched the client configuration from terminal prompt:


sudo plastic --configure


The configure program seems to run fine. Click through screens, enter my info, program closes. But trying this command:


cm makerepository myrepository


That command then throws that error. Directory exists, but no client.conf file. What did I miss?


Thanks in advance!

- Mark M

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Ok, in that case you can do any of this options:


1) Change the permissions of the /opt/plasticscm5/client/client.conf to 777

2) Move the /opt/plasticscm5/client/client.conf file into "/home/YourUser/.plastic4/".

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OK, no client.conf file in that directory. So, created one, changed it's permissions, and now the configure wizard runs! Now we're cooking with gas.




When I tried running the client GUI icon, it complains that it doesn't have access to ~/.plastic4/client.conf.


So, as you suggested, I copied the client.conf out of /opt/plasticscm5/client/ to ~/.plastic4/, and changed the permissions on that directory to read/write, and now the Client GUI runs fine.

Woot! Hopefully the new permissiveness of /.plastic4 isn't a problem.


Thanks very much for all your help!

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