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How to prevent, skip or override auto merge actions?


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I had 4 conflicts to solve myself, which were just folders. And then the auto merge tab had more than a thousand but the action it would take is wrong. I want to prevent it from being auto merged and want all those to appear on the manual conflict resolution tab so I can set them correctly.


Also related, how do I know which is source and which is destination? It's really confusing right now because in a given changeset you may need to resolve server conflicts and it's not clear if source means server or local and vice-versa for destination. Any window that has that should substitute the names in or put in brackets which direction it's going to be really sure. 

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Ok, I'd have to take a look into those automatic conflicts, since I understand they are at directory level. If so, normally automatic ones means there's really no possible human intervention, they are just discarded based on the merge logic. But I'd have to look into it.


Regarding the source/destination: here is the best explanation we have:


Then a full chapter about it :)


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