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Merging only specific files


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I might be doing it wrong but.. Here is my setup.

I Have single /main branch where I keep game engine files.

I have child branch /main/Projects - here I keep engine level plugins, which do not belong to vanillia engine, but I want to share for every project.

At least I have /main/Projects/ProjectName - branch specific per project.


Now I created another branch from /main/Projects/ProjectName/Engine-Plugin-Refactor I made some changes to plugins shared across all game projects.

I want it to merge back to /main/Projects. But when  trying merge to - it also wants to merge all the game project files, which is not something I want.


Is there way to merge only the files I want, back to /main/Projects ? Or is there some branching setup which would allow me to do it ?


The one work around I have for now is to force conflict on folders I don't want to merge, while not perfect it somewhat works.

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Aftering looking at it again it might work. I just miss understood how it works. it's Cherry pick from.. while (to the branch I'm currently on), while for some reason I thought it will always from bottom up.

It seems it work now. 


Though it will be nice to also have similiar option like cherry pick to.


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