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Is there a setting to prevent silent automatic checkouts? (I need a confirmation pop-up window)


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Hello. I evaluate PlasticSCM.
I cannot find a setting in PlasticSCM Visual Studio 2019 integration that sets the Visual Studio to pop-up a confirmation window if I really want to check out the file I am going to modify. The plugin just checks out the file automatically. Does such a setting exist?
Just a short explanation to prevent possible questions why would I need it. The PlasticSCM does realize the checkout workflow so I can be sure that I will not change something unexpectedly while jumping through the different source files in the VS debugger for example. But if the VS PlasticSCM plug-in checks out files automatically and silently then it means the plug-in does away with such workflow as if it does not exist.
Thank you in advance.

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