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Missing "Atlassian Jira Extension" Section


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I have configured it. It works fine, as far as pulling in tasks when creating branches and changing the status of the Jira issues via check-ins. What I am saying is that the section that appears on the right hand pane near Attributes, labeled Atlassian JIRA Extension does not appear in the MacOS client as it does in Windows:



On MacOS, even when the extension is running and pulling in data it appears like this:



There is no Atlassian JIRA Extension section. So field mapping does not do anything. 

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In macOS, you will be able to see the creating branch diablog and this way you can link the branch to a JIRA task. The same for linking the changesets.

But I'm afraid the "Branch explorer" panel that shows the JIRA task information is not available for macOS.



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