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Restrict user/group from checking out/locking files


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I wasn't able to find anything concrete regarding this topic, so figured I'd ask and see if there's something I've missed.

What I'm trying to do, is that I want certain groups and/or users to be able to view and get updates from a repository but prevent them from checking out any/specific files.
As an example, I have a third-party user that I want to give access so they can get the latest changes and test locally, but disallow them from affecting the files in any way, which in this case includes locking.

I've tried setting up a test scenario where I gave the user only allowed permissions for Read and View, so that they'd be able to find the repository and download it.
On everything else I tried putting Denied as enabled, but even with this the user is able to check out files, which could potentially disrupt work if that means having to either contact the user or to jump into terminal to manually unlock the file(s) in question.

I figured that maybe the ci or configlocks permission would be the relevant ones, but that doesn't seem to be the case from what I've tested


Appreciate any helps on this matter :)

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Adjusted section about tested permissions
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