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How to setup @Cloud Encryption on a headless Windows system?

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Only the UI seems to ask for the Encryption password.  I looked at the using the "cryptedservers.conf" file but is the contents of the .key file supposed to be the text password?  That isn't how the UI stores it.  (I actually can't find WHERE the UI stores the password.)

How do I make cm.exe happy enough to pull files from an @cloud account that is encrypted?


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The cryptedservers.conf file stores the link between a server and the password file, but the actual password is stored in the correspondent .key file. It is usually hashed, but copying it in plain text should work too.




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Thanks!  The documentation (that I found) wasn't clear (to me) about where (on Windows) and how those files worked in concert.  You helped me get past this "mental block" on how Plastic was operating behind the scenes.  

Not 100% certain why my file search didn't find cryptedservers.conf before. My guess would be the file search not traversing into a hidden directory or maybe not enough coffee.



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