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Ignore DOES NOT work. (Unreal 4 content/developers folder)


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Our developers folder is completely ignored as you can see below. (It was at some point commited but has since been deleted from the repository)


This is our ignore file


But whenever I add something to it (yes we use Plastic's Unreal Plugin but the team commits through Plastic/Gluon):


Plastic is all like "Nah brah, let's commit dat"


Our lock rules even state that "PLEASE DON'T TRY TO LOCK FILES IN THIS FOLDER"


We've had A TON of issues with Plastic's Ignore. And this has been a major point of contempt; with my team pushing for us to go back to Git. So yeah, I don't even know how to defend you guys anymore.
What could be happening?

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If you are a paying customer, could you reach us at support@codicesoftware.com for better debugging the issue?

I don't fully understand if the problem is with the UE plugin or not. Did the issue happen when you add new items to the ignore list via the plugin or also via the Plastic GUI?

The lock rules are not related to the ignore rules so I don't think they are related to this issue.



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Yes, we're a paying customer. I'll send this issue at that e-mail as well.

I don't think there's an ignore list in the UE plugin, we add items to the ignore manually by opening the ignore.conf file because we have a ton of stuff to set up.

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(Answering this old one for anyone else landing here with the same question, from a search on the forum, Google etc)

This as been fixed as part of the version 1.4.11 of the plugin, so you need to update your project with a release from Github to use instead of the old +1.4.6 that shipped with UE4.24 up to UE5.0.
There is a section in the documentation How to install the plugin from the latest version from Github

see also the Unreal Engine dedicated section of the forum.

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