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The auth token expired. User: (username)


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Trying to add a new user to our Cloud repository, and when the user attempts to access the list of repositories, this error gets thrown in a separate window:


Error converting value "invalid-invalid" to type 'PlasticGui.WebApi.Responses.SsoProvider+KnownType'. Path 'Providers[2].Type', line 1, position 147.

Trying to make any other changes related to the repo or associated workspaces results in this error:


The auth token expired. User: (username)

The user was first added a month and a half ago and set up Plastic then, but never set up a workspace or interacted with the repository in any way until now. The error did not appear when the user first tried setting up Plastic. We have tried to uninstall and reinstall Plastic, remove the user from the repo and then adding again, but no luck so far. What can we do?

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Thank you for reaching out to us.

Unfortunately, this is a recently found issue that the development team are currently investigating.

To workaround this:

  1. Close the Plastic SCM client
  2. Open CMD and type plastic --configure (macplastic --configure for Mac users, gtkplastic --configure for Linux users)
  3. Follow the instructions until you are authenticated
  4. Close the wizard with the X in the corner
  5. Open the Plastic SCM client as normal

Apologies for the inconvenience. I hope this proves helpful.



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