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Salvage my messed up Plastic Installation


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So, I made a bit of a mess of the PlasticSCM installation.

I accidentally first installed the local server version, and got this to work initially, but now the trial expired, and I should move to the free cloud edition (It is a small private Unity project for me alone currently)

I did install the PlasicSCM Cloud client correspondingly, which seems to leave me in a mess. The current workspace points at the local Repository, and there seems to be no way to point it anywhere else. Neither can I checkout anything, create a new branch, or find any way to move my stuff to the cloud.

I tried generating a sync view, but that does not do anything. My cloud still says 0.0GB used.

How can I salvage this mess?

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If you don't have any local configuration you want to keep, probably the easiest solution is uninstalling Plastic and remove the local configuration so you can install Plastic Cloud edition from scratch:

c:\Program Files\PlasticSCM5\


Does it help?



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