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At the bottom of the new UI there is a blue bar that seems to be reserved for showing different kinds of status messages, notifications and alerts. I already mentioned in my first impressions thread, that I believe this draws too much attention to the bottom of the UI and also mixes different concerns that may be better separated. Here's another example:



If I delete all text in the comments field, the bar turns orange and displays a message. I see multiple issues with this design:

  • The notification is really far away from where the "issue source" took place. Both the text field and the checkin button are at the top, but the info message is at the bottom.
  • I see the benefit of onboarding users or reminders, especially in the Gluon interface, however I would rather treat them as "tips" or "tutorials" and make such messages optional. After multiple years of practice or more generally advanced users in the full GUI, I doubt that everyone can appreciate this message.
  • There should be some dedicated room for tips/tutorials/actionable info close the where the info is needed. Maybe in the form of a larger tooltip popup (non-blocking).
  • Some of the messages, such as about server maintenance, would fit better in a dedicated notification area, maybe with a bell icon on the top right.
  • Some of the messages such as "ready" or simple status updates like "loading" are not really helpful. If the UI is blocked during loading, the UI itself should show that it can't be interacted with, there are loading bars etc, so no need for the simple text line at the bottom in my opinion.


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