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Unity project does not sync across collaborators

Will Petillo

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I was developing a project with one other person using Collaborate. The project was automatically converted to Plastic SCM. We both installed Plastic SCM but see a completely different set of changesets so now our versions of the project are out of sync as we cannot get each other's updates.  Nothing is listed for either of us under the Incoming Changes tab.

Entries to my changesets list start after the conversion date and theirs stop at that date. I have checked the Cloud tab of the dashboard for my organization on the Plastic SCM website and have confirmed that the project is listed in the organization, recent changes are recorded, the other developer is included as a user (and is also listed in the Developers group), and that we are both connected to the same repository.

Please advise. What else can I, or the other developer, check to get Plastic SCM working?

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Can you check that your workspace is pointing to the cloud server's repo? My guess is that at least one of you is working distributed without pushing the changes, so they are not being sent to the server. here you have more information on how to work centralized:





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Issue was resolved via a call with support staff (there were additional issues making the matter quite a bit more complicated than described in the original post). 

I had somehow created a second, local repository in error and all of my updates were going there, rather than to the shared repository.

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