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Cannot retrieve license information from the Plastic SCM server. Retrying ...


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I was having some intermittent success pushing to our team repo for gamejam. Now I can no longer push but i can pull changes. This is hard stop for me and our team.

Your ticket #1182683 has been created. A Customer Service Analyst will review your question and respond as soon as possible.

We are currently seeing a delayed response time of up to 7 days. We hope to get to your question sooner, and do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

In 7 days our game jam will be long done.

I have tried reinstalling the client. I have tried the latest client. I have tried disabling my firewall. I have stopped and restarted the license demon. Nothing .... helps.

Please assist.


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Hi I was having timeout issues when pushing to cloud server. I thought it was related to this license error because I was always able to pull down changes with no issues but was not able to push up (check-in) my changes. I kept trying while waiting for a response and now I can push most of the time.





plastic.realtime.requests.log.20220222.txt plastic.relevant.log.20220222.txt plastic.debug.log.20220222.txt.zip plastic.errors.log.20220222.txt

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cm iostats CIA_Devs@cloud --nettotalmb=128
Performing network tests with server: CIA_Devs@cloud. Please wait...
Upload speed   = 15.17 Mbps.   Time uploading 128MB = 67516ms.    Server: CIA_Devs@cloud
Download speed = 28.19 Mbps. Time downloading 128MB = 36328ms.    Server: CIA_Devs@cloud

Performing disk speed test on path: \AppData\Local\Temp\PlasticSCM_IOStats. Please wait...
Disk write speed = 135.98937583001327 MB/s. Time writing  512MB = 3765 ms.
Disk read speed  = 4697.247706422018 MB/s. Time reading  512MB = 109 ms.


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