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Is there any way to clone only particular folder/files in the plastic SCM instead of entire branch?

Rohit kethwas

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Hi, You can use the following command to download individual files:

C:\Users\albaz>cm getfile --help
Downloads the content of a given revision.


    cm getfile | cat <revspec> [--file=<output_file>] [--debug]
                     [--symlink] [--raw]

    revspec           Object specification. (Use 'cm help objectspec' to learn
                      more about specs.)


    --file            File to save the output. By default, it is printed on the
                      standard output.
    --debug           When a directory specification is used, the command
                      shows all the items in the directory, its revision id
                      and file system protection.
    --symlink         Applies the operation to the symlink and not to the
    --raw             Displays the raw data of the file.


    cm cat myfile.txt#br:/main
    (Obtains the last revision in branch 'br:/main' of 'myfile.txt'.)

    cm getfile myfile.txt#cs:3 --file=tmp.txt
    (Obtains the changeset 3 of 'myfile.txt' and write it to file 'tmp.txt'.)

    cm cat serverpath:/src/foo.c#br:/main/task003@myrepo
    (Obtains the contents of '/src/foo.c' at the last changeset of branch
    '/main/task003' in repository 'myrepo'.)

    cm cat revid:1230@rep:myrep@repserver:myserver:8084
    (Obtains the revision with id 1230.)

    cm getfile rev:info\ --debug
    (Obtains all revisions in the 'info' directory.)

You can use Gluon to configure a Plastic workspace and select the specific files you want to download.




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Hi ,

I have ran this cmd:

cm cat testing\#br:"/main"

where testing is the folder that I want to clone from main branch,
when I am running the cmd, it is printing the content of the "testing" folder on the console  but not downloading the content.

Any suggestion?


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