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Global ignore.conf not working


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I've followed the directions in  creating the global repository configuration section and created the /allrepos/ignore.conf in the plastic-global-config repo. But I'm unable to get Plastic to use the rules declared in this file.

I used the ignore.conf that I had been using on my local repo and I'm pretty sure the rules in there are valid.

1. I've confirmed that the ignore.conf added to plastic-global-config has been downloaded by Plastic as seen below:

file ~/.plastic4/globalconfig/<org-name>@cloud/allrepos/ignore.conf
~/.plastic4/globalconfig/<org-name>@cloud/allrepos/ignore.conf: ASCII text

2. I tested adding a new ignore.conf locally on my workspace and tested that, which worked as expected.

3. I've restarted the PlasticSCM client multiple times and checked on Activity Monitor if there weren't any plasticd daemons hanging around.

4. I also checked the pending changes via the cli to make sure it wasn't an issue on PlasticX. As you can see below, the global ignore.conf isn't taking effect.

➜  <repo-name> rm ignore.conf 
➜  <repo-name> cm status | wc -l
➜  <repo-name> cp ~/.plastic4/globalconfig/<org-name>@cloud/allrepos/ignore.conf .
➜  <repo-name> cm status | wc -l                                                  
➜  <repo-name> 

The contents of my plastic-global-config repo look like this:

➜  plastic-global-config find .

I'm using Plastic SCM on macOS Monterey 12.5

➜  Dev cm version
➜  Dev sw_vers
ProductName:	macOS
ProductVersion:	12.5
BuildVersion:	21G72

I've ran out of things to try and investigate. Any ideas?

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Quick follow on this thread. I reached out to support@plasticscm.com and they helped me troubleshoot this issue.

It turns out that the problem here has to do with plastic-global-config being configured with a centralized workflow so its workspace maps to a cloud repository and the other workspace where I'm trying to apply these global rules uses a distributed workflow, therefore its workspace is mapped to a local repository, even though I push/pull changes to the same server, under the same organization in the cloud.

I don't see why the Plastic client can't just read ~/.plastic4/globalconfig/<org-name>/allrepos/ignore.conf, and apply the rules to the workspaces regardless of the workflows they're using.

The solution I found for my problem was to checkin the ignore.conf to the repository so that it can be used by the team without any manual setup.

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